British billionaire among those asked to cut Victorian power

Matthew van der Linden, chief executive of business retailer Flow Power, said the company participated in the RERT for a second day running, providing about 30 MW of capacity to help balance the grid from its customers.

Mr van der Linden said it had been “a very severe event” but customers had gone the extra mile to help support the grid and their response had been excellent. Some water board customers even ran diesel generators that were not part of the official reliability and emergency reserve trader (RERT) scheme, he said. Others kept the effort going for up to six hours to meet AEMO’s needs.

“We received a request to stretch ourselves beyond our obligations, which we did,” he said.

Meanwhile near Euroa, electricians raced against the rising sun at an electric vehicle charging station near Euroa, north of Melbourne, early on Friday to install 2.8 tonnes of Samsung batteries and fire up the air conditioning before they could be damaged by the 44 degree heat.

Evan Beaver, head of charging for Chargefox, said the batteries – worth $400,000 – had to be stacked in their 40 kilogram racks with the air conditioning running smoothly before the sun got too high.

Their ideal temperature is about 25 degrees and they had to be delivered in a refrigerated truck to ensure they arrived at the charging station – at a Shell roadhouse off the Hume Highway – in good working order.

If they sat around in the sun and heated up to 60 degrees they could be irretrievably damaged, Mr Beaver told AFR Weekend. “We don’t want to have them sitting around in the sun on a stinking hot day,” he said “We don’t want to take any chances.”

The extra batteries will allow electric vehicles to charge their batteries more quickly, a key feature of Chargefox’s pitch to customers.

The electricians from Watters Electrical in Shepparton started work at 7am to complete the job by 1pm and beat the worst of the heat – which was expected to peak at 45 degrees in the afternoon. The job had had to be postponed for a day after the refrigerated truck broke down on Wednesday.

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